Thursday, March 19, 2015

In order to produce our water toy, we are  going to run a Kickstarter campaign.  Here is our first video we made, We hope you like it.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Dream

WaterConstructor all started as a dream one day.  How can we get our kids outside to play.  I remembered as a child, I love playing in the water.  We had a river (ok a ditch) behind our house that we would play in almost every day.  Summers were completely amazing when you could just sit in the water all day long.  Not really having the option to put a river in our backyard left me with thoughts of other things.  I saw a piece of PVC and thought it would be fun to drill a bunch of holes in it.  I wondered just how many holes I could get in a piece of PVC (It turns out that it is a lot).  That was the birth of our first WaterToy.  

Unfortunately, it was already November by the time I came up with it. That one did not get played with a lot until it warmed up again in the spring. 

By then I realized a single piece of PVC with holes drilled in it was not ever going to be a family favorite.  It was a step up from the sprinkler though.  Then was born the idea of connecting multiple pieces together.  Finally we made our first 3 dimensional toy--a kid "carwash"

After creating a few different pieces, we had a large pile of PVC in our backyard.  The kids would pull one of them out and play in it, then a different one.  That is when I realized we needed a connector to let the kids make whatever setup the wanted without having to glue all the pipes together.  

And thus was born WaterConstructor.

We bought a 3D printer to print out parts to perfect the design of our connectors

Finally we made our first colored part

We are so excited to have made it this far!  Come join us on the rest of our journey!